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The likely limitation is the speed of the PlayStation 3 Slim's 2x Blu-ray drive, which caps off at 9MB/s. A faster hard drive, SSD or not, simply isn't going to make up for it. Sony Slim PS3 Blu-ray DVD Drive CECH-2001A 120GB KES-450A KEM-450AAA. 5 out of 5 stars. (34) 34 product ratings – Sony Slim PS3 Blu-ray DVD Drive CECH-2001A 120GB KES-450A KEM-450AAA. $54.99. Free shipping. Only 1 left!.

PS3 – problem reader (SUPER SLIM) | PSX-Place.

Shop all Movies & TV shows 4K Ultra HD Movies Blu-ray Movies DVD Movies TV Shows on 4K Ultra HD TV Shows on Blu-ray TV Shows on DVD…. Restored PS3 Bundle 40GB Hard Drive Extra Controller (Refurbished) Add. $185.20…. Restored PlayStation 3 PS3 Super Slim 250GB The Last of Us & Batman Arkham Origins Bundle (Refurbished) Add. If you want to learn how to watch Blu-Rays in Windows 10 with VLC, all you need to do is follow the steps below: Insert the Blu-Ray or DVD disc inside the drive. Now, launch VLC Media Player. Go to the menu at the top, then click Media. Select Open Disc from the list. Archgon Premium Aluminum External USB 3.0 UHD 4K Blu-Ray Writer Super Drive for PC and Mac. Model #: B07BC9F98J;… Slim-Internal Blu-Ray Drives Provide Fast Write, Rewrite and Read Speeds. Blu-ray CD DVD drives have fast read/write speeds that facilitate access to large amounts of data. The drive's maximum DVD±R DL 12x read and write speed.

Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim review: Sony shrinks… – CNET.

Back then, I looked at the reasons why PS4 Pro should have offered Ultra HD Blu-ray playback, and the excuses Sony (and others, speculating) came up with why it didn't. The most cited reason, the shift from physical media to streaming for media consumption, was clearly spin. While there is undeniably such a trend, it has not suddenly reversed.

Ps3 super slim disc won’t spin problem (temporary fix).

62 posts. Posted May 13, 2014. I never had a slim but when my fat PS3 died I got a super slim and it runs pretty quiet. The disc spinning may be a little louder than the other models because of how the disc door opens and how thin it is. The fan isn't too loud for my taste but it gets the job done. 3 ways to fix PS3 ultra slim not reading disc and software errorsTrying to FIX: PS3 Fat – No Power \u0026 Blocked Disc CARA MENGHAPUS GAME PS3 yang BENAR ¦ tidak menyisakan file sampah. PS3 Slim Drive Not Accepting Discs Properly (450DAA Drive Assembly) PS3SLIM 320GB CECH 3002x Manual Disc Removal \u0026 Resetting Blu Ray Drive gc repairs PS4.

Fixing PS3 Slim reading not reading Blu Rays fault.

Ps3 super slim blu ray drive not spinning Casino register Shimano stradic fk spinning reels 5000 xg Dress code auckland casino Candy crush how to beat spinning pink blocks About. Choose this theme to customize and add content to this page. Powered by. PS3SLIM 320GB CECH 3002x Manual Disc Removal \u0026 Resetting Blu Ray Drive gc repairs PS3 Exploit V3.0 Super Slim Jailbreak – Complete Guide PS3PHAT… (FIX) FAT PS3 NOT TAKING DISK OR SPINNING (2018) How to Setup a PS3 How to Turn On Your Playstation 3 System FIX PS3 Won't Read Disc: Fix Your PS3 Laser – Step-by-Step Instructions How To FIX.

Ps3 new super slim high pitch noise problem – Cheap Ass Gamer.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Super Slim 250GB Console ONLY CECH-4001B PARTS OR REPAIR at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!… BRAND NEW Blu-ray DVD Drive for CECH-2001B CECH2001B 250GB SONY PS3 SLIM Console. $79.95…. Game doesn't spin.".

PDF Ps3 Blu Ray Drive Repair Guide.

Hold down the power button until the PS3 turns on and then off again. Next, press with your finger so you hear 2 consecutive beeps. Take off your finger. Plugin your controller (with the USB cable) and press the PS button. When the Recovery menu opens. Select System update. Apply the to the firmware. If there is nothing to apply, download it.

PlayStation 3 Solid State Drive Upgrade Report – GameSpot.

2. With your Blu-ray drive open, remove the platform that holds the rollers. The only one screw is circled in red. Be careful not to touch the plastic bumpers circled in blue. In the event that you do, consult the "Tips" section of this article. [1] 3. Twist the white gear denoted with the yellow clockwise sign until the the gear separates from. My slims blu ray disc is pretty dodgy. It will only play a dual layer Blu ray (Uncharted, KillZone etc.) if it's been spinning a different, non dual layer disc in the drive for about an hour.

Super Slim: Disc stopped reading – PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs.

The Super Slim it seems is Sony's way of signing off the current console in the hope that it can shift a few more units before the rumoured PS4 arrives, but there's simply not enough to convince us. Step 16. Lift the Blu-ray drive slightly by its right edge to dislodge the control board from its housing. Remove the Blu-ray drive from the PS3. After you reinstall the Blu-ray drive, be sure the control board is firmly seated in the lower case before proceeding. If replacing the Blu-ray drive with a new drive, swap the circuit board from your. Answer (1 of 8): Martin is right, it's usually the laser that has issues. You can tell when there this "click-clack" sound after you put the disc into the ps3. If you're tight on cash, there's an alternative way which you can solve the problem. Tilt your ps3 upwards at an angle when you put the.

How to use an external hard drive with PS3 – DIGISTOR.

Ps3 super slim blu ray drive not spinning Casino register Shimano stradic fk spinning reels 5000 xg Dress code auckland casino Candy crush how to beat spinning pink blocks I'm James. This is my year of travel. Author. Write something about yourself. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Archives. No Archives.

2019 SONY UBP-X800M2 Owners Thread | Page 8 – AVForums.

Step 1: In order to play Blu ray disc on PS3, you have to update to system 1.50. Make sure that your game console is online. Go to “Settings” > “System Software Update”, then you can update the system software. Alternatively, you can update software via a disc or USB drive. Step 2: There is a popup disc tray on your PS3 when you insert.

GT6 Won't start up, PS3 won't recognize disc. | Page 2 – GTPlanet.

PS3 XMB/Dashboard Freezing. Posted on July 22, 2009May 29, 2017 by. If you have noticed that your XMB/Dashboard has frozen or will not respond, then your system's operating system which is linked to the HDD is corrupted. Sometimes this issue wont happen as often but letting the issue linger will only increase the amount of freezes you encounter. 3. It's possible that the problem is with data that has been installed on the PS3's hard drive, rather than the disc. Use the PS3's Game Data Utility to delete files for Uncharted in the Game Data folder (the Save Data folder will contain your game saves so don't delete anything in that).

PlayStation 3 – Metal Gear Wiki.

USB-C. With speeds up to 6x and support for triple-layer discs as well as BDXL and M-DISC, this external drive can handle just about everything you'd want to throw at it. It utilizes USB-C 3.1 to. I have seen circumstances where the issue is either the drive hub (drive motor) or possibly the laser. When the drive takes in the disc and seats it, the laser will do an initial read before spinning the disc at all. In some cases I have found that if that initial read fails, the. Go to (Settings) > (System Settings) and press the button. Go to [Backup Utility] and press the button. This should launch the back up process and copy the entire PS3 system for later use. This will ensure that gamers have access to everything they need in the event of a critical system shutdown.

Sony Playstation 3 120GB (PS3 Slim) – PC World.

Hey guys, so I just bought the star wars blu ray collection in preparation for the new movie, but none of the movies want to play on my ps3. In fact, no blu ray movie I put into it wants to be read. I can hear the drive spinning for about 3 seconds, but the give up trying to read it. The funny thing is that I have no problem playing blu ray games.

Digital Foundry goes hands-on with the new super-slim PS3.

This is the original "fat" PS3, not to be confused with the PlayStation 3 Slim. The original models of the PS3 were backwards compatible with the PlayStation 2, but later revisions dropped that functionality. When the PS3 was first released, it was one of the few devices that could play Blu-ray discs. Use the Phillips screwdriver as well as the flat blade screwdriver. Pull out the power plug. Use the flat blade screwdriver to unscrew, and remove the panel. Remove all the screws from the case. Also, remove the data cable ribbon. Remove the metal frame of the Blu-ray drive. Sony's remodeled PlayStation 3 (120GB) dropped a couple of dress sizes and $200 off the price of its predecessor, the original PlayStation 3.For $499, you can now have a first-class, BD-Live capable Blu-ray player with 1080p HDMI output, integrated Bluetooth and 802.11g, an upgradeable 120GB hard drive, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1-channel Dolby Digital audio support, and Sony's monstrously powerful.

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